We are a mixture of vocals, guitars, string, woodwind and other instruments formed in 2014 with the launch of the debut album. Songs are all original and based on inspiration or reflection in repsect of pagan and druidic paths. With invitations to play at various venues growing, Avalon (the Glastonbury concept album) was released in 2015. Debbie joined Matt and Carrie as lead vocals as a trio in July 2016 and the third album 'Pagan' was released in 2016. Songs are about sacred places, nature, spiritual paths and celebration of historic places and the many connecting pagan branches and beliefs. With interests and studies in witchcraft, druid and pagan ways and with practical dedication to wildlife and community commmitments, Dancing Hare is a cauldron of postive energy. We aspire to be a musical and bardic companion and inspiration in our singing and playing.

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Original songs in the pagan spirit


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